NFT Bank project review / NFT Bank of blog HyipoMania ( HyipoMania.Com )

Проект NFT Банк NFTBankTokens.Com : уникальные токены которые растут в цене и количестве каждый месяц. NFT Marketplaces: ETH ... d81b1857b1
Доход до 100% сразу при покупке токенов. Рост в Банке ХайпоМании на 10% ежемесячно! Партнерская программа до 20%

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NFT Bank project review / NFT Bank of blog HyipoMania ( HyipoMania.Com )

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NFT Bank project review / NFT Bank of blog HyipoMania ( HyipoMania.Com )

Обзор проекта NFT Банк / NFT Bank блога ХайпоМания ( HyipoMania.Com ). Russian version: viewtopic.php?f=190&t=21935

Part of the collection on the Ethereum blockchain:

Код: Выделить всё

Contract Address:
Part of the collection on the Polygon ( Matic ) blockchain:

Код: Выделить всё

Contract Address:
Economic game with the real cash withdraw

10% of monthly income in Bank of HyipoMania

Income from the NFT sales, passive income from HyipoMania bank for the token holders.
Collectible value of unique tokens + active growth of holdings purchased at the start.
One-time purchase bonus for investors up to 100%
Bonuses for buyers and sellers up to 20%
The constant growth of liquidity due to the deficit of tokens.

1. What is the HyipoMania token?
HyipoMania blog has been making the limited edition unique NFT tokens on the Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchains since March 2021 - the HyipoMania Token or NFT Shockel. More details here: viewtopic.php?f=190&t=21897
In addition, for more than a year there has been an internal currency on the blog platform - the regular Shockel. The rate between NFT and the regular Shockel is 1:4

2. HyipoMania token value. In addition to unique historical tokens with a nominal value of 1 shokel, all other NFT tokens of HyipoMania have a nominal price that matches their real recommended purchase and sale value at the time of the token sale from HyipoMania:
1 USD = 1 NFT Shockels

The minting of NFT tokens is limited to the assets of the HyipoMania Blog Bank and at the beginning of May 2021 does not exceed 8000 USD = NFT Shockels HyipoMania.Com. Subsequent emission is possible if the Bank's assets increase.

3. Already, HyipoMania NFT tokens are liquid and available for purchase and sale on Ethereum (ETH) blockchains,
Marketplace: ... d81b1857b1
and Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

4. A token presale program is available for investors, when they can buy it at nominal value (1 USD = 1 NFT Shockel) + get regular Shockels in the same amount to the blog wallet + 27.5% (1:4 + 10% USD mana points) that can be used for the bank programs, for passive income program "Loopback" with HyipoMania blog and for withdrawal of silver Shokels directly to the external wallets (Payeer, Perfect Money, Nix Money)
More information: viewforum.php?f=179

5. For activists of the HyipoMania blog who have an account in the Blog Bank, an airdrop of NFT tokens is available by receiving a free NFT token of 50 NFT shokels for holders of 500 shokels in the Bank, as well as selling NFT for ordinary shokels at a rate of 1: 4.

6. For sellers of (all) NFT tokens, there is an additional HyipoMania bonus: 20% of the amount of their sales in regular shokels on the blog + 5.5% (1: 4 + 10%) USD Mana points.

7. For all buyers (all) NFT tokens there is a special HyipoMania cashback: 20% of the amount of their purchase in regular shokels on the blog + 5.5% (1: 4 + 10%) USD Mana points.

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HyipoMania Affiliate program: 10 USD bonus, 20% of referral rewards viewtopic.php?f=179&t=21844

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